• Key Benefits of CHEMFAB

    CHEMFAB® Non-stick solutions are the result of pioneering work to develop high temperature, chemically resistant, flexible advanced materials. We support our customer with in-house technical capabilities that are unmatched in the industry. Our research staff conduct extensive studies in composites, reinforcements, cast films, coatings, laminates and fabrication techniques. Pilot plant and scale-up facilities are available to prototype your material.


Surface properties

+ Easy release and washable
+ Lowest co-efficient of friction and high lubricity
+ Food compliant & hygienic
+ Hydrophobic
+ Controlled Porosity/Openings


Resistance properties

+ Chemically inert against almost all chemicals
+ Thermally stable from –150°C/–238F to 260°C/500F
+ Non-flammable/fire resistant
+ UV and weather resistant
+ Increased wear & void-free versions available


Electrical properties

+ Excellent heat transfer
+ High dielectric strength
+ Low dielectric constant
+ Microwave transparent
+ Low electrical losses
+ Static dissipative

Mechanical properties

+ High tensile and tear strength
+ Dimensionally stable
+ Puncture resistant
+ Flexible and conformable
+ Thermally weldable