• CHEMLAM PTFE-Fabric Laminates

    CHEMLAM® high performance laminates are manufactured from void-free, cast multilayer advanced fluoropolymer films bonded to fiberglass, aramid, or other fabrics on one or both sides. These laminates provide superior performance in terms of chemical barrier, non-stick and easy release properties than available with standard coated fabrics. They are dimensionally stable, have good strength retention as well as excellent permeation resistance.


Features & Benefits

  • Very smooth, crack and pinhole-free surfaces result in low permeation properties, low grease wicking and long-term release properties for easy cleaning
  • Consistent thickness over fabric “knuckles” - Uniform PTFE thickness over the texture of the fiber glass fabric reinforcement eliminates thin spots in coating that can cause premature failure
  • Provides a chemical and vapour barrier when used in energy or environmental applications
  • Longer wearing in continuous use applications
  • High strength and excellent flexibility 
  • Ability to modify separate layers for specific properties such as hardened surface layers or special colors



  • Food processing belts and release sheets
    • Flexible Expansion Joints
    • Industrial processing belts especially plastics processing
    • Chemical barrier membranes
    • Floating roof seals for petrochemical storage tanks
    • Seals and gasketing
    • Pressure-sensitive tapes
    • Protective clothing and shelters
    • PVC Welding - high performance platen release sheets


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