• DARLYN & FLUEFLEX Flexible expansion joint membranes

    Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics pioneered the use of fluoroplastic coated and laminated fabrics in non-metallic expansion joints over 25 years ago. Today, we continue to provide a broad line of expansion joint fabrics for use in a multitude of applications. The flagship of the offering, DARLYN® 1000CB, continues to reign as the most reliable and longest-lasting expansion joint fabric in the harshest of applications – wet scrubbers for flue gas desulphurization units.


Features & Benefits

  • Engineered design with fine-filament fiberglass fabric for extraordinary strength retention and superior flex properties as well as commerical fabric grades for less critical applications
  • Specially formulated fluoropolymer coatings in FLUEFLEX® and patented blend of perfluoroplastic and fluoroelastomer coatings in DARLYN® provide exceptional protection and crack resistance 
  • Temperature resistance up to 300°C (600°F)
  • Laminated barrier film for reduced permeation of flue gases and excellent barrier properties
  • Insulation option on the hot side of the expansion joint for dramatic inrease of continous usage temperature



  • Power Generation
    • Pulp and Paper Plants 
    • Cement Plants 
    • Steel Mills & Foundries
    • Chemical Processing & Refineries
    • Marine
    • Petro-chemical storage facilities


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