• CHEMSIL & SlipGrip Silicone Glass Fabrics

    Silcone coated composites from Saint Gobain are the result of years of expertise in handling high performance materials. CHEMSIL® silicone coated fiberglass fabrics combine the superior strength and dimensional stability of woven fiberglass with a high temperature silicone coating. They provide excellent friction and very good release properties and are usually used as heat curtains or as process conveyor belting materials. SlipGrip® range offers the characteristics of CHEMFAB® non-stick solutions combined with the attributes of silicone rubber.  


Features & Benefits

  • Excellent thermal stability resulting in possibility of use at temperatures up to 260°C / 500F without reducing performance
    • Mechanically and dimensionally stable
    • Non toxic and chemically resistant
    • Food compliant version available
    • Superior release properties
    • Minimum drag in conveyor belting applications
    • Exceptional dielectric strength
    • Flexible
    • Microwave transparent



  • Industrial release sheets
    • Food release sheets for baking, frying - SlipGRIP
    • CHEMSIL® Heat Shrink Curtains
    • General belting
    • Consumer products - Hobby mats
    • Protective curtains for limiting splashes/fumes
    • Sealing and gasketing


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